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Almost ready…


36 hours left in the UK.

Packing is a nightmare. Broken bags, cross words, and lost clothes are probably not helped by the fact that we’ve spent the last two weeks solid celebrating our imminent departure. The number of tears (Imogen) has been matched by the volume of alcohol consumed (Celyn). We didn’t realise quite how much we’d milked it! At least there will be no need for sedatives on the plane – I think we’ll sleep very well by ourselves thank you very much.

Enzo (our aggressively green and somehow stoned reptilian accomplice) is ready.

It’ll be a miracle if he makes out alive.

Anyway London today, Heathrow tomorrow, Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday and ending up (fingers crossed) in Auckland by Thursday afternoon. (I have no idea what time that is in the UK and I’m not even going to try. Google it)

See you on the other side.