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Homage to TimTams


(This has to be done.)


Chocolatey biscuits

That you can dip in your tea.

Better than Penguins.



That is my haiku for a Timtam. It had to be done because we have reached the conclusion that they are possibly the best biscuit that have ever EVER been invented (more so than Pink Wafers and Fox’s Crunch Creams… we are being serious here).

What makes them so special?

The TimTam Slam

This is how to eat TimTams the New Zealand way. Bite off one corner of each side and use it as a straw for your coffee/tea/miscellaneous hot drink until the wafer is soaked in java goodness, at which point you “slam” it into your mouth and eat it. Unbelievable.

A young TimTam Slam-mer

**Disclaimer: This is uncommonly good. It can also be done with Twix’s and Penguins. We strongly recommend that you start doing this at home. **


Yes we are having fun.