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Twenty Questions


While in the car, or at the table, or just generally anywhere, we have come to ask each other questions which, in actual fact, are essentially rhetorical as we know that the other one does not know the answer. As we find ourselves stumped on average 3.7 times a day, we have drawn up a list of questions which we (obviously uber brains that we are) can’t answer (or end up answering with a question. Confusing).

So please can you help us with the following list of questions? We are trying to boycott Wikipedia as it takes the fun out of trivia, so if you KNOW an answer or two (or just feel like giving us any pointers or guidance), drop us a line.  We NEED this. Think of it as a pub quiz without the pub. Or a poor man’s QI without Stephen Fry (national f***ing treasure) and buzzers.

NB. This is a serious matter. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated and with every submission you will be entered into a free prize draw. See below for top prize.

1. What percentage of cocoa does chocolate need to have in order to constitute dark chocolate? Or is it a colour rating?

2. Can cows get sunburnt?

3. What are bobbly clouds called (not cumulus wisps, the other ones that look like ice-cream and fairy tales)?

4. Who was in DuranDuran? (Household names only please)

5. What were windmills originally used for?

6. What is Pinot Gris? Does anyone actually drink it for pleasure?

NOTE: Not PINOT GRIGIO. That is a DIFFERENT wine. (Pinot Grigio is nice)

7. Why are spoilers called spoilers?

7.1 How do they work? (we assume these questions will answer each other)

8. Is the height of a mountain (as written on a map) the height from sea level or just how tall the mountain is from base to peak?

9. Is ‘Munro’ a category of mountain that can exist anywhere? I.e. Could you say, Mount Le Blahblah in France is a  Munro?

10. How do you spell the really long place name in North Wales?

10.1 Is it the longest place name in the world or just in Wales / the UK?

11. If you touch the wire above an electric train, do you die?

12. If Mount Tongariro erupted (you can google this), would the eruption cause a tsunami in Lake Taupo?

12.1 Can you get tsunami’s in lakes?

13. Why is it so windy in Wellington?

14. What is Miss Fritton’s first name in St Trinian’s?

15. Does the saying go ‘sharpest tool in the box’ or ‘sharpest tool in the shed’?

16. Could someone please explain the plot of the film ‘Triangle’? 

16.1 Bonus question: As above but with the film ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ (plus film analysis.)

17. What is the origin of the phrase ‘raining cats and dogs’?

18. Why is the sea so green in some places and so dark in the UK? (Simply putting, ‘the sky’ will not suffice as an answer)

19. How do light aircraft taxi? i.e. How do small planes move on the ground? Does it have anything to do with the propellers?  (This question is aimed at ex- or current Rolls Royce employees)

20. Who won the FA cup in 1927? 

As we said, we are wholly dependent on your feedback. Not only is there money on some of these, but also we need the answers… our chat’s running dry.

Good luck.

May the best wo/man win.

Top prize: an annual subscription to bigclimblittleclimb completely FREE OF CHARGE.