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The Last Leg…




THIS IS IT..the FINAL COUNTRY; last border crossing, last set of ‘useful’ phrases to learn, last feeling of utter confusion as we try to calculate how many (insert currency) to the dollar / pound / (insert whatever currency we’ve just left).



Where we have been…

The first map (red line) shows where we have been. It looks a little unorthodox but remember we are still a merry company of seven so need to start and end at the same place. From Cambodia, we gathered up our gleaming halos and took an epic 36-hour bus ride to Nha Trang, a small city on the South China Sea.

After a few days in Nha Trang, we (or some of us anyway) got the bus five hours down the road to Mui Ne, an idyllic beach town just a little further down the coast.

Another night bus will take us back to Ho Chi Minh city and this is where we will say our goodbyes. Many thanks to Rhys, McEvoy, Chris, Daw and Jamie for being nutters.



Where we're going...

Where we’re going…

Cel and Imogen will continue down to the Mekong Delta before going back to Ho Chi Minh city and flying (we just couldn’t face another three-day bus journey, and price-wise there’s not much in it!) up to Danang.  From there it’s the historic town of Hoi An, the picturesque Halong Bay and finally ending up Hanoi.


See you somewhere along the way..!

And then there were seven…


So in the past few days we’ve gone from a company of two to a motley cru of seven. Little harder to manage, but a lot funnier to watch.


Here’s the route for Cambodia…


Where to?

Where to?


First stop after our 4,000-Island idyll is Cambodia’s capital city, Phnom Penh. Next we make our way up to Siem Reap to spend some time with the gods at Angkor Wat, followed by a mammoth bus ride across the border and into Vietnam. Astonishingly, time is starting to run out, meaning that there are many parts of Cambodia that we won’t be able to see. But we can’t do everything and it just means that we’ll have to savor every moment of our brief Cambodian stint.


Here goes.


(Although we do wish that the roads were as straight and pothole-less in real life as they are on Microsoft paint…!)

Mr Map #2


The weather’s getting warmer (mway), so we’re going further south (colder).

Brief descrip…

*large intake of breath* From Auckland we boogied over to the mountainous Coromandel Region, known as the holiday playground for city folk. After dodging raindrops there, we moved a long way down to Rotorua (good God it was smelly – we’ll explain later) and are now chasing the sun in Taupo.


Check it out on the map … where we are we? 


Following footprints…


Having received feedback from various unbiased critical sources, we thought it’d be an idea to post a wee map of where we’ve been and (hopefully, if we can manage to work the technology) where we’re heading in the coming few months.

Click on the link below to take you to the map, complete with balloons and all.


Feedback would definitely be appreciated if a) it doesn’t work or b) it doesn’t work.