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This is a plug.


Adam Burstall, one of the 11 Jefferson housemates. Artist slash pyromaniac. Check it out.




Firepig and pigletAdam, his wall, his dress, his fire.


Wellington is to Auckland what Melbourne is to Sydney, and what San Francisco is to Los Angeles. It has character instead of homogeneity; it is compact, not sprawling; it is quietly confident, not brash and in-your-face

Well that’s Wellington for you.¬†Or so says Anna Fifield of the Financial Times. Known as one of the best small capitals in the world – population a mere 164,000 to Auckland’s sprawling 1.2 million – Wellington actually does have a lot to shout about. The whole art-loving, rollie-smoking, music-making, alternative-facial-hair-sporting creatively cool culture that Welly is famous for does actually exist. And, thankfully, it exists in the most fantastically unpretentious way; making all those art-house cinemas and cafes, the d&b album launches, the world music exhibition days, and the scores of restaurants and bars wholly accessible to even the anorak-wearing guidebook-toting traveller geek.

Anna’s right about Melbourne and San Francisco, although I think she’s perhaps missed one major player out; Wellington is to Auckland what Bristol is to London. Fact.

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